Welcome to the European Validation Association Homepage!

E.V.A. (European Validation Association) is an association gathering Validation organisations and individuals across Europe.
Our aim is to spread the Validation method in Europe and to help its practitioners to share and connect with each other.

“Ed Feil, the great documentary director, who made Validation visible, left us for a better world. His work allowed thousands of people to get in deeper contact with the idea of Validation and make it work for the old old persona. We will miss him and keep him in our hearts. Our deepest thoughts go to Naomi Feil.

The EVA Board”

What is Validation?

Presentation of the EVA Board

Kathia Munsch (France) – Master in Validation®

Wolfgang Hahl (Germany) – Teacher in Validation®

Hildegard Nachum (Austria) – Master in Validation®

Validation Teacher secretaries
Stephani Maser (Germany, Teacher in Validation®)
Erika Ongaro (Italy- Teacher in Validation®)
Javier Irujo Lizaur (Spain– Teacher in Validation®).